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The Barkwood Inn Pet Resort

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The Barkwood Inn Pet Resort Policies


To guarantee accommodations for new Clients, we require a one-night deposit with your reservation. Deposits are refundable if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to arrival.

To ensure availability, especially during our peak periods, we suggest that reservations be made well in advance.

Peak Periods

  • All Holidays
  • School Vacation Weeks
  • July through August


To ensure the health and safety of all of our Guests, we require proof of the following for Overnight stays, Daycamp,  and Dayboarding. Please contact your Vet and have them send over copies of your vaccines prior to check-in to assure you have all of the appropriate vaccines.

  • Dogs: DHLPP, Rabies, Bordetella
  • Cats: FVRCP & Rabies

Diet Requirements for Overnight Guests

To avoid unnecessary stomach upset, we require that all of our Overnight Guests arrive with their own food. Please prepare each meal's serving size in a separate Ziploc baggie with your Pet's name on it for each day of his/her stay.  An additional fee of $2 per day will be assessed for the use of House food.

Medical Care

The safety and well-being of our Guests is of utmost importance. In the rare event that a Guest should require medical attention while in our care, every effort will be made to contact you, your Veterinarian, and your Emergency Contact. At our sole discretion, we reserve the right to obtain necessary medical care for all of our resort Guests. We have access to several well-respected Veterinarians and top notch Veterinary Clinics/Hospitals in the area, ensuring that our Pet Guests always receive the care they need. The Barkwood Inn offers medication administration to all of our Pet Guests at a rate of $4 per day.


  • We Will Not Accept Any Guests That Are Exhibiting Signs Of Illness
  • Canine & Feline Guests Must Be At Least 4 Months Of Age To Enroll In Daycamp, Dayboarding, or Overnight Stays
  • All Canine Guests 6 Months or Older Must Be Spayed or Neutered To Enroll In Daycamp.
  • Overnight Guests Older Than 6 Months That Are Not Spayed or Neutered Will Not Be Allowed To Participate In Daycamp Activities — These Guests Will Require a Deluxe or VIP Club Level Suite, & the A La Carte Selection Of One On One Playtime Is Suggested
  • For the Safety Of Our Guests, Females In Heat Will Not Be Accepted for Daycamp, Dayboarding, or Overnight Stays At the Resort

Pet Evaluation

We require that all  Canine Overnight, Daycamp, and Dayboarding Guests be evaluated for health and temperament. The evaluation process should be conducted at the Resort at least 72 hours prior to check in, and is usually completed in approximately 5-10 minutes.

Fleas & Ticks

All Guests must be free of parasites, including fleas and ticks. If it is determined that a Guest has fleas or ticks at the time of check in, they will be treated in our Grooming Salon at an additional fee before entering the Resort. For the safety of our Guests and Staff, please remove Seresto flea and tick collars prior to entering the Resort.

Exit Bath

Having fun usually includes getting down and dirty, which is why we require all Canine Guests staying 3 nights or more to receive an Exit Bath in our Grooming Salon before check out. All Exit Baths include bath, blow dry, nail trim, ear cleaning and brush out. Offered as a "Salon Bath" to Outside Guests, the Exit Bath is significantly discounted up to 50% off for Overnight Guests. Exit baths start at just $22, but the price will vary depending on breed, size, coat type and condition.


Although we provide all of our Pet Guests with a raised bed and comfortable bedding, personal belongings from home are welcome. Please do not bring valuable or cherished items, as it is possible for such items to be soiled, lost, or damaged. In the event that personal items are soiled, the items will be removed from your Pet's suite and every attempt will be made to launder them prior to check out. We cannot guarantee the condition of such items upon check-out.

Downloadable Forms

The following forms are available to download and print. Please feel free to fax (508) 434-0494 or mail your forms prior to arriving at the resort. If you are unable to print these forms, please call our Resort Staff at (508) 248-7474 and we will gladly mail or fax you the forms.

Click Here for Downloadable Brochure

Day Camp

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Overnight Guests

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Day Boarding

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"The first thing you notice when you walk through the front door is how genuinely friendly the people are, and how much they love animals.  My dogs tail starts to wag the minute we pull in the parking lot.  He can't wait to get inside and see everyone!  When we pick him up after vacation he is handed over to us smelling fantastic from his bath, and tuckered out from playing with all his friends."

-Cindy O